Akihisa foolishly believes however, that she actually is obsessed about Yuuji

Akihisa foolishly believes however, that she actually is obsessed about Yuuji

Akira Yoshii is Akihisa’s elderly sibling, that has an incestuous desire for the lady younger buddy. This is certainly in addition utilized as a running fun from inside the tv show which makes Akihisa feel totally uncomfortable. She actually is thus daring regarding actually threaten to kiss him as he messes something right up, and nearly succeeds on a number of events.

Yuuji Sakamoto [ ]

Yuuji Sakamoto try Akihisa’s companion, and regularly tricks your into doing something that eventually screws Akihisa over. Yuuji has become the reverse of Akihisa. He’s relaxed, cool, and group which will results in him providing recommendations to Akihisa (mainly jokingly) like a big sibling would. Though Yuuji can perform testing into Class the, his nonchalant attitude brought about him to evaluate into Class F. Despite his academic effectiveness, he is in the same manner idiotic as Akihisa about specific fields, and additionally they often cause quite the ruckus together (however with close motives).

Mizuki Himeji [ ]

Mizuki Himeji is regarded as numerous romantic admirers of Akihisa, arguably the key focus of their affections. The two of them comprise class mates in primary college, committed when Akihisa offered Himeji their signature bunny locks video. She cares significantly for your and is continuously trying to find an effective way to have their interest.

She enjoys him because he could be constantly pleasing, sweet, and taking care of others, but thinks the guy merely treats the woman so kindly because that’s the way he could be, perhaps not because he return the thoughts.

In actuality, Akihisa really does like Himeji, to the point in which the guy let Himeji stay at his residence because her parents went to a marriage at another country and mayn’t come back because her airline was delayed.

Himeji is bad at cooking. So very bad in fact that the lady preparing is deadly to anyone who consumes it, actually Hideyoshi, whom into the manga defines themselves as having a stomach of metal. This gets a running fun, specifically for Akihisa. As a result of the girl affections towards him, Himeji constantly cooks up things for Akihisa to consume, generally creating their, and the other countries in the guys, “deaths.”

Despite the girl sweet and bashful individuality, as soon as the thought of Akihisa with another woman by any means goes into the lady brain, Himeji adopts this lady “yandere” form, and can do just about anything, no matter what crazy to discipline Akihisa. Himeji has a desire for acquiring images of Akihisa, as revealed whenever she expected Kouta for photographs of Akihisa in a sailor class consistent.

Minami Shimada [ ]

Minami Shimada will be the “tsundere” of program and has a-deep desire for Akihisa though she’s represented as assertion towards Akihisa. She is usually the very first to “strike” in an attempt to bring Akihisa’s attention and love, but journeys over her own methods, enabling Himeji to finally pick the girl way to Akihisa also. Sometimes through the 2nd period in which Minami really begins to program the girl affections to Akihisa, https://datingranking.net/es/citas-en-el-pais/ which goes to show simply how much she does indeed care for your (there is certainly actually a flashback episode of the account of exactly why she really loves Akihisa). In fact, Minami ended up being Akihisa’s earliest kiss something which shocked the woman while he is her very first hug.

But similar to Himeji, Minami cannot bear the very thought of Akihisa are with another woman. Regardless of if Akihisa treats Minami like an in depth mate, but as a guy, the guy really cares for Minami and in what way he treats Minami merely distinctive from Mizuki (Himeji). Additionally it is hinted in a few periods that Akihisa enjoys Minami; he when mentions that she is somebody he can feel themselves about. The guy even mentioned that Minami enjoys a charm to the girl plus the dub variation the guy mentions that it is the hard chap component about the woman that he finds hot.

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