Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is welcome to attend Rhema Greece. Our students come from various denominations and from a diversity of social classes and cultures. Everyone has individual talents and skills that enrich the body of Christ.


  • The minister who is called and wants to serve by supporting others to fulfill their calling.
  • Younger ministers called to build new churches.
  •  The worship leaders called to lead the congregation in God’s presence.
  • The missionary called to bring glad tidings to the ends of the earth, 
  • Youth ministers called to influence the church of tomorrow. 
  • The evangelist called to preach the gospel and bring the world into a deep awareness and knowledge of the saving work of Christ. 
  • The pastor or a future pastor or leader who is leading or called to lead a local church. 
  • People just like you.!

If you are wondering”What is God’s plan for my life” Then Rhema Greece is the right place to find out. Rhema Greece is for all those who want to mature spiritually. In fact we have been called to serve the body of Christ, each in a different way.
The New Testament teaches us that some have been called to preach (Eph 4:11) and most have been called to the ministry of helps. The teaching that the students receive at Rhema Greece is to help them to get to know more about God and His Word and to discover their own unique destiny.
Rhema Students are trained to create a genuine Christian character and a mentality of serving with a spirit of excellence in their local church.

A students can become someone who has in his heart the desire to work for the Lord and one who wants a deeper knowledge on the Word of God for a victorious life.
If someone is married we suggest (if possible) to attend as a couple, this will help a lot in their marital life and relationship.

No. However we do whatever we can to help in this direction. If there are several needs then you require for someone who will keep the children during the school hours with a small fee. Without promising this as something for sure, it will be discussed though and revised with the Office of Rhema Greece.

No. At the moment this method is not yet available. However we have various study programs covering every need. For more information on existing programs click here

No. It is mandatory not only to attend the meetings and the events of your church, but also to be active in serving in ministries of helps in each activity there. This is part of your training at Rhema.

No. Rhema equips you for your personal life, your future, as a laborer for the work of the ministry that the Lord has called you, but that does not make a minister. Only the Lord raises,sets and sends ministers. The pastors and local bodies they just obey it.

Yes! There are various universities, usually Christian ones, giving credit for up to 2 years of study. For more information please contact our office at Rhema Greece.

Yes! If you choose the program of individual courses (not giving diploma) or Extended Program (In this program you get the Diploma of the Rhema ministry. For pastors and leaders of ministries are given the opportunity to attend specific courses or seminars designed specifically and only for them.
For more information on existing programs click here.

Yes! Students of Rhema Greece after graduation, are part of a larger, global family, where they can find fellowship and support in various ways. In fact the diploma Rhema Greece provides, is exactly equivalent to the diploma Rhema U.S provides with all the privileges and advantages. Furthermore Rhema Greece maintains contacts and communication with all students, through conferences and events organized by Rhema Greece, and always all the Rhema graduates are invited to join and attend classes of Rhema and also special gatherings.
Also, Rhema Greece is there for those who need help to continue their studies at Rhema USA for the 3rd year or more of training.

Yes! You can finish the first year at Rhema Greece and then you can continue the second year. You may complete your training in the U.S. or any other Rhema school. There are over 190 Rhema schools at present in over 46 countries world wide. You will receive a diploma upon successful completion. You may also continue your training a 3rd and 4th year in Rhema USA.

We welcome those who would like to come to Rhema Greece from other nations.
Over 193 Rhema Schools in more than 46 countries today, equip believers and help them build their lives and their ministry upon the strong foundation of the Word of God.

For those who wish to attend classes, we would like you to know that Rhema Greece belongs to this specific Rhema family and embraces anyone who wishes to participate in this equally. Rhema is willing to do there best to help to those who want to become students.
It is also necessary that the candidate student take care of his own accommodations or host during the studies, and be financially independent / Covered.
It is mandatory to those who are married to attend school together with their families.
We pray that God will direct your steps to His own perfect will.

For further information please press contact

Rhema Greece does not require attending students many hours of home work, it is encouraged that each student learn through personal study of the lessons which are taught.

What is required is that each student learn to study the Bible at home with the help of text books. Involvement in the Ministry of Helps is required for every student in his/her commitment to his/her own local church and also in attending conferences held in Rhema Greece.
It is important for students to read the Bible daily and to develop their personal relationship with the Heavenly Father.

It is the responsibility of each student to provide for his/her residence and employment. In order for his/her application to be accepted the student must submit evidence that would prove that he/she has the financial ability or employment, without being a burden to others. You must have the finances to pay all the tuition.

When someone pays the cost of training in hours, in cash, fatigue, etc., towards the students education it is mandatory for the student to attend.

When a student lives in the Athens area, the student may not need to move near the school. (this of course is the choice of student). However for some who are from the surrounding region (if he/she decides to attend) each student should make arrangements for accomodations and employment before school begins.

The fundamental goal of Rhema Greece is to set a solid foundation for a genuine Christian behavior. It is the responsibility of each student to experience a life model of devotion to God and for this reason Rhema Greece puts great emphasis on certain values ​​such as:

• Recognition of the power of God’s word, especially the biblical teachings that uphold and respect the moral rules.
• Desire to develop the fruit of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, goodness, faith, temperance (Galatians 5:22).
• Interest to develop good study habits in the Bible, a prayer life, and commitment to faithfully helping the local church on a regular basis.
• Willingness to serve God, their pastors, their local church and their neighbors.

Yes. The time schedule of the lessons is in the afternoon from Saturday- Sunday and Monday from 5 pm to 10 pm, so students can work and spend time with their family. We encourage all our students to wisely manage their time at work, in study and family.

Yes, men and women should dress decently. Outfit such as T-shirts, shorts, leggings and the likewise are not allowed. Some days the students will have to come with formal clothes, tie for men and skirt for women or jeans or whatever else they will be inquired by the office as part of their Training.

The courses will be in English with Greek translation and in Greek with English translation.

The lower age limit is 18 years, while there is not a higher age limit. There are students who graduated from Rhema USA being already at their the eighties (80 years old).

It is not necessary to have a high school diploma to attend Rhema Greece but you should be at least 18 years.